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The Best Areas To Hunt For Waterfowl

Being in the right place at the right time is the key to waterfowl small game hunting. Seeking, finding, and being in the perfect location is the most important aspect of your hunting expedition. So to be able to bring home a trophy, be sure to find the best spot.

Locating the Best Areas for Waterfowl Hunting

The success of your hunt will depend on several factors. The site you will choose is definitely a key to hunting success. Here are some tips to help you properly locate your birds.

1. Areas of Congregation Waterfowl usually flock in backwaters or covered areas on lakes, rivers or creeks. Immediately after a storm, it is likely that ducks will congregate on the ponds.

2. Resting Area Look for the spots where the birds will rest during the day. It is usual for the ducks, for example, to be in the water.

3. Feeding Area Ducks or geese usually feed on land so scout the fields where they usually feed. Simply follow the ducks and geese to determine these spots. Keep in mind that the feeding area may change after the waterfowl exhaust the food supply in a certain area.

Ducks particularly like to feed in shallow waters so you might want to position yourself around these areas.

4. 'Free' Area If you can have control of the property, segregate an area where it will be 'hunting-free,' preferably a feeding ground. Do not allow any hunting in this area to attract as many birds as possible. From this sanctuary you will be able to track the birds with ease.

Other Waterfowl Hunting Techniques

Hunting waterfowl will require properly discerned techniques. There are also some points to consider after finding the perfect location. You must be able to benefit from finding that perfect location.

1. Conceal Your Self The birds will avoid any sense of human presence so keep yourself concealed. The best places to hide are blinds and camouflaged areas. Wait for some time until you take a good aim and shoot.

2. Lure the Object of Your Hunt It is possible to lure the birds into a closer range. Wooden decoys and traps are often used to entice the waterfowl to approach within good shotgun range.

3. Use Calls Birds like turkeys are easily lured by using calls to beckon them. Mouth-operated and hand-operated calls can be employed.

Wrapping Up

A good and fulfilling hunting depends on how you implement your pursuit. Finding the best hunting area is like hitting the jackpot; then all you have to do is to take a good aim in order to return home happy and victorious.


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