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Learning How To Stalk A Prey Is Essential

For anybody who is new to the sport of hunting, one of the first lessons they must learn if they want to catch their prey is the art of stalking. This is an essential skill that hunters need to master to become successful at hunting.

How to stalk

It is important to tread lightly on the ground so you do not alert the nearby animals of your presence. The smallest sound a person makes can cause the potential prey to evacuate the scene: leaving a novice hunter in the middle of the forest with nothing but a cold trail, and a feeling of great disappointment that he will carry with him on the way back to camp.

This is one of the tricks that more experienced hunters have learned to master, and what every neophyte hunter needs to learn in order to have any success in hunting!

Watch where you are going

It is important to always be aware of where you are at. Individuals, who are walking through the forest, should always be aware of where they are placing their feet. Being careless about where they are stepping can cause injuries. Accidentally stepping on a slippery spot, a cluster of twigs, or worse a small snake could lead to disaster!

Tread quietly and lightly

Hunters need to be aware of how they are moving when they are walking through the wilderness. Being quiet will help hunters stay out of the radar of the game they are eyeing; also, potentially dangerous animals. Instead of catching their prey they might end up being preyed upon!

It is important for inexperienced hunters not to drag their feet when they are walking, even if they become tired. They need to lift up their feet and take light, easy steps when they are walking to minimize the noise that they are making. They should not kick things that block their way and need to learn to make their way around them.

Hide in the bushes

There are many things in the wilderness that will help you gain the advantage over your prey. Fallen trees, shrubbery, and such can help a hunter disguise his movement. Hiding in the shadow is also a good idea, if they do not want to be detected. This will help a hunter stay out of view while he is stalking his prey.

Do not get lost

Hunters need to be aware of where they are going. They should be careful that they do not become too engaged in stalking their prey: so much so that they forget where they are heading, or how to get back. Hunters need to be aware of their location at all times.

It would be wise to carry a compass with them, and some form of communication to the outside world, like a cell phone. Also, when they are going on hunting expeditions alone, they should inform someone they know of their destination.

Shoes matter

It is important for individuals to wear the proper type of shoes that will give them maximum protection. They need to keep in mind that they could be out in the field for hours and hours. Comfortable shoes will keep the feet from developing blisters.

Be careful when stalking big game

A person should never hunt big game alone since big animals, such as bears, or lions do not tend to attack as often when they see hunters in group.

Always be alert when hunting for big game, since these animals are extremely dangerous. They can potentially kill hunters if they are not being careful; especially if they are posing a threat to these animals.

If the worse case scenario happens, and a hunter gets attacked by an animal such as a lion; they should never allow themselves to be pinned to the ground. As much as possible, they should fight with all their might, remain standing and grab stones, and rocks to throw at the animal to attempt to drive it away.

One of the reasons why it is always better to hunt in teams is that when one person gets attacked the others can come to his rescue.

Hunting may not be for everyone, but for those who are avid enthusiasts of the sport hunting is a way of life. Stalking is an important technique that will help hunters catch their prey and is something those who want to master the sport must learn to do.


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