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Stories are words written in many pages. The event could have happened or just made up. The best books ever written are those that capture the emotions of the reader which can also happen when you make a scrapbook.

People have been making scrapbooks as a hobby for many years. Many parents do this when an infant is born up until the child grows older. Spouses do this to monitor the special events in the lives of the couple. The scrapbook preserves a moment in history which can be looked back on and shared with others.

The basic scrapbook may simply contain clippings from a newspaper or a magazine, which is just several pages of photos glued on paper. Those that want to be artistic can add coloring and other things which may even have an introduction, a table of contents that describes each of the chapters then the ending.

Bookstore may sell scrapbook kits for beginners. This is a small album with colored paper and stickers. You can do more by buying these separately than taking the time to work on it.

Another way of making a scrapbook is by getting everything from the internet. There are many websites that provide pictures and other materials to make this project. You just need to make sure that you have a scanner and the right software at home to be able to assemble everything to be printed out.

Some of these websites are free while others will ask a small fee to get material for the scrapbook.

The age of the computer in some cases has taken away the album for the scrapbook since some users have turned this into a personal website that can be viewed and changed easily over a short period of time.

People who need help in making this can use the old and the new method. You can print some layouts from the computer then use a pen to write things and add clippings on the sides.

There is no right or wrong way of making a scrapbook. The way it's done basically expresses the artistic talent of the person and the memories of days gone by.

Those who want more information about making a scrapbook can simply get a book and read up on it or do some research via the web. This will give the you an idea how to get started and also how to learn from other people how the project can be further improved.


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