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Most wives and husbands ultimately become mothers and fathers. These mothers and fathers and their children later turn to become families that form part of America's ever growing communities. Studies have shown that children strive to become the best they could possibly be if both parents are present to give support in all aspects of their children's growth be it financial, psychological or emotional.

There are many possible results if a couple fail to share responsibility, support, decisions and commitment to each other and to their children. One is the most dreaded but is a highly popular option now-a-days.

The D word

Divorce is not a very kind word. Every year, there are almost a million children in America who experience their parents go through the messy process of divorce. According to studies, half of these children will become adults who have grown up in homes raised by a single parent.

Marriage is a solid institution that conveys the importance of a long-term commitment between two mutually loving adults. However, this is usually not the case in most current relationships. But there are those children who overcome such odds and later become positive contributing community members.

Prevention is always better than the cure

One way to prevent the onset of this dreaded D word is that both parents should work on how each partner will get to share on making important decisions, from where the child will be schooled, how, the kind of religion (if any) parents would like their children to practice, type of health care, kinds of activities, etc.

The decision on what to choose is as important as who makes them and how. Couples must agree and later on come to a mutually beneficial and positive decision that will ultimately benefit the children.

Oddly however, the cure after a divorce has happened is also the same thing as the prevention. Parents should just as well work positively together and share decisions. The negative impact of the separation must, as much as possible, have minimal effect on how the children conduct themselves in the long term.

When an agreement cannot be reached

Oftentimes, couples who separate cannot come to an agreement as to what and how is the best way to decide on issues involving their children or on their finances, etc. Usually, both partners take each other up as adversaries. Confrontation usually is the result of such a mindset. Obviously, this further prevents each from cooperating in the best method possible to serve the children's interest.

Practice responsible parenthood

The only way to make the best out of a relationship is to practice sharing. Two people who decide to become as one entity will further enhance the value of their union as well as each other if they share house work obligations and responsibilities that they may have to their children as well as to each other. With the current statistics reflecting that thirty percent of children born in the United States are from parents that are unmarried, people who are thinking of embarking in a relationship will do best if they are aware of the obligations that marriage entails.

Doing so saves the couple as well as their eventual children from the financial, psychological and emotional anxiety / anguish or problems that separation or divorce may bring.

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