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Party Planning Checklist

Party planning may seem a difficult task to many. To make the planning easier and organized, you should have your own checklist. The following items are the things that should be considered in your checklist.

1. You have to find out if it is a special holiday or a formal party if you want to organize a party. You may then choose the theme of the party that is appropriate for the guests. This will also help you in identifying the things that you may need for the party.

2. Try to number out the guests you are going to invite to be prepared on the food and drinks you will serve. Choose a place where you can accommodate all the guests and make sure that you reserve the location of the party in advance.

3. Make the guests informed on when and where the party will be held. Send the invitations earlier so that your guests can check out their own schedules. Be sure to set the exact date and venue for the party. You may even attach a sketch of the party's venue.

4. It is strongly recommended that you select a menu of what you will serve for the party. Food is always the main attraction of a party. You may prepare dishes and appetizers for the party and try to make the menu appropriate for the guests that you have invited. There are also instances that you may not expect surprise guests that may come for the party. That is why it is advisable that you prepare more food to make sure that there will be no shortage on the food that will be served.

5. Be sure to decorate the place where you will hold the party. Make the place clean and you may want to consider placing plants, flowers, and decorative props that will set the mode on the party's theme. You may also add entertainment by having a sound system for the party. Just remember to pick out the right music and organize a play list of the songs that will be played.

6. Contact the catering service for reservations of chairs and tables that will be used. It is better that you book these items two weeks before the party. You may ask your friends and family to help you decorate and prepare for the party. It is not that easy to do all the preparations alone. Preparing the party alone can be time consuming and can give you more stress. It is advisable that you seek help from your friends or you may hire a party planner if you can afford the fee.


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