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Just How Do You Do Free Podcasting?

What would you do if you have an mp3 file directory and you feel you just have to share it with the rest of the podcasting globe? The answer is easy. See the following basic procedures of podcasting for free.

How to create your very own audio file

First things first, there are a lot of free websites out there which you can utilize to podcast. For one, there is where anyone could post details about a show or an event. There is also where it offers audio recording for free as well as a software for editing.

If you have a computer that has Windows, you could actually start recording sound as it has a built-in software to do such. Begin by clicking the start button, then choose all programs, then accessories, then entertainment, then sound recorder.

When audio has been recorded, you are now ready to do the next step.

How to upload your file to the world wide web

It would be helpful if you have your very own web site wherein you could conveniently transfer file to your site and then start to serve from that site of yours. However if you do not have one, there is a service available on the net for free called Creating your own account is free and there is a link in that site which details the steps on how you could upload your own audio file.

There is also a link that would take you to Creative Commons, thereby allowing you to attach your own license and even provide tools for free that lets you upload any files to the archive. After the whole process, a link to the page where your files are listed will appear.

Do wait at least twenty four hours for your audio file to appear. As much as possible, always get the link as you will need this for your own podcast feed.

How to create your own notes on your podcast show

You have to have your own site. But if you don't have one, get one for free. The website allows you to create your very own account, your very own blog name as well as the template of your choice.

Publish and create your own feed

Blogger provides its very own format feed called Atom. But what you really and efficiently need is RSS version 2.0. The site allows Atom feeds to be converted to RSS.

Now that you have it, flaunt it

You can now proudly add your podcast site link to directories. You could also start telling your family and friends that you are a legitimate podcaster.


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